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Ignite Your Workforce's True Potential

Unleash the remarkable capabilities of your employees with an HR solution that fuels their growth and inspires their best selves

Effortless Time Tracking

Streamline work with smart time and absence management

Secure Document Handling

Manage and share documents with ease and security

Dynamic Talent Growth

Nurture skills with integrated learning and performance tools


Instant messaging designed for the workplace

Optimize Every Minute

Maximize productivity with smart workforce tracking

Leverage insightful analytics to balance workloads and budgets efficiently

AI-Powered Decisions

Smarter insights, better outcomes

Harness AI to automate routine tasks, saving time and money

Project management

Your project hub, simplified

Manage projects effortlessly with Armano's built-in tool or integrate your preferred solutions for unified project oversight

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Time Tracking

Streamline time management and payroll seamlessly.

Transition from Excel to Armano for effortless and adaptable scheduling. Centralize all timekeeping and payroll data in one location.

 . Time off

 . Time Tracking

 . Shif Management

 . Payroll

Armano Attendance Overview
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Talent Management

Comprehensive Talent Management Suite

Unify ATS, LMS, and Surveys. Enhance hiring, learning, and feedback with Armano’s integrated solutions.

 . ATS

 . LMS

 . Quiz

 . Survey

Armano LMS
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Document Management

Effortless File Management

Organize with ease: upload files, view media online, and share documents instantly among teams.

 . Upload/Download

 . Share

 . Permission

 . View online


Armano File Manager
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Performance Management

Full-Spectrum Performance Management

360-degree surveys, real-time feedback, and strategic goal alignment with OKRs to drive performance.

 . 360 Degree Survey

 . Feedback

 . Goals

 . OKR

Armano Performance Management
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Smart HRMS

AI-Enhanced HR Operations

Automate role-specific job descriptions, tailored quizzes, and surveys, with smart summaries for employee feedback.

. Generate Quiz

. Summarize performance survey

. Generate Goals

. Much More Coming!


Transforming HR

Optimized solutions to maximize your potential

Regardless of your industry, our adaptable tools are designed to meet your specific needs. Manage time tracking, payroll, talent, and expenses to streamline your operations and accelerate growth like never before.

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The Armano free plan offers unlimited access to all our core features for an unlimited number of users, forever. The only limitations are on storage space, and advanced features like AI capabilities and integrations, which are reserved for our premium plans.

Of course you can! Our pricing scales with your company. Chat to our friendly team to find a solution that works for you as you grow.

For annual plans, we offer refunds for the remaining full months after cancellation. No refunds are provided for the month in which you cancel.

HRIS, or Human Resource Information System, is a holistic software solution crafted to optimize and handle a variety of HR activities within an organization. It generally encompasses modules for managing employee information, administering benefits, processing payroll, tracking time and attendance, among other key HR duties. By centralizing information and automating standard operations, HRIS helps organizations improve efficiency, accuracy, and overall management of their workforce.

HCM, or Human Capital Management, is an evolved form of HR software, typically offered as a cloud-based platform. This advanced system extends past traditional HRIS capabilities, adding functions like talent management, performance tracking, learning and development, and strategic workforce planning. HCM aims to enhance the overall employee experience by treating the workforce as a strategic resource. It often integrates cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital assistants to boost collaboration and improve decision-making processes.

HRMS, or Human Resource Management System, encompasses a range of modules including employee data management, payroll, recruitment, benefits administration, and training. While often used synonymously with HCM, HRMS similarly highlights its extensive capabilities aimed at efficiently managing an organization's human resources.

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